Friday, January 18, 2013

Is It Reasonable To Believe In Magic?

So what do I mean by magical?  When I sent out new years greetings a few weeks a go wishing you a "magical" 2013, I was not talking about rituals or casting spells.  Think more magic show... a wonderful phenomena which takes place for which no "reasonable" explanation is evident. We call it magic because have been limited by our own understanding and beliefs.

So many of us give up on our dreams because we don't already know how to make them happen. We lack confidence in our past and faith in our future.  We may be accused of "magical thinking" when we have no business plan to review or evidence that it will work out.  We fear that the unknown will be filled with insurmountable obstacles. But, what if we are wrong? What if things can actually fall into place and  result in tremendous joy and fulfillment?

I recommend this recent post by Author Dr. Joe Vitale entitled The How of Intention . I love that the how-to and to-do lists take a back seat. So does doubt and fear.  Intention, faith and trust  keep the door to possibility and manifestation open...and who knows what may be delivered? Its no longer called  "magic" when we understand how it worked, and sometimes we only understand in hindsight.

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