Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Your Return Ticket From Space-ing-Out

Managing summer space-outs

What do you do if your “to-do” list has become a bookmark in a hot summer novel and you don’t even care?  It’s easy to space out in the summertime...what with the dizzying heat and humid days combined with heady fragrances of blooming flowers; more time spent outdoors as the longer days extend our playtime and vacation days temporarily unhook us from our routines.  If you are like me, you are finding it difficult to do anything you don’t feel like doing.

Dropping Anchor with Vetiver

The other day, I really spaced out of my reasonable self, and needed to get grounded ASAP.  I have been focusing more attention on my spiritual practices that allow me to leave my pre-set station and tune in to some new energy and ideas.  While expansive and enlightening, these experiences are most valuable when I can integrate them into my daily life.  I am finding it challenging, and sometimes, these higher vibrations leave me feeling nervous and ungrounded. Fortunately there is a simple and inexpensive essential oil that when inhaled for 30 seconds can drop your anchor.  I put three drops of vetiver oil into my hand; rubbed my two hands together, and then cupped them over my nose.  In no time at all, I felt the gentle thud of my return landing.  It was like “Beam me up Scotty”...and I was home. (of course in Captain Kirk’s case, he was in space, so UP was home) 

Roots for your Root

Vetiver oil is extracted from the roots of the vetiver plant, a wild growing grass that is often used to prevent soil erosion where land is at risk of being washed away. How appropriate that this root also can reinforce our staying connected to the earth.  It is no coincidence that a root oil is used to support our root chakra...our primal chakra that connects us to all things survival.

Vanity Meets Humanity

 You may have heard of Vetiver perfume lately.  The LA Times recently reported in its article called Green Goddess that it is one of the most popular new ingredients in the fine fragrance market. While it is most likely for the versatile and fresh base note it provides to fragrances, it would not surprise me that the wisdom of the universe has guided the perfumers to help balance our crazy world by distributing this grounding ingredient through the fantasy potions of commercial high style.  How clever!

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