Monday, December 5, 2011

Linking In To My Higher Self

GPS For The Soul
A lot has changed in the 360 days since my last post, and yet I am more myself than ever.
In the last year, after finally letting go of some comfy old thinking that wasn't realistic anymore, I have made some major changes including moving out of my New York City home of 23 years. Even after several months of planning and preparation I experienced what William Gibson in his wonderful book called Pattern Recognition calls "soul delay" when you travel to a different country in a different time zone...and while you may have physically arrived in a place, it takes a while for your non-physical being to relocate. While I have had only minor success in networking into my local community here in upstate New York, I have had the opportunity to network into the best guide of own higher self.

A Treasure Hunt
Past present and future all crammed into overflowing boxes; old letters and photographs; new catalogues; unfinished prototypes; receipts and bills; heirloom treasures; notebooks of sketches and revelations; homeless paintings, lamps and mirrors; last weeks un-hung clothing...and of course my computer and phone. I regularly ask myself if this is an un-godly mess, a beautiful tapestry of my life, just a beautiful tapestry, or a pile of clues to my hidden true self and her expression? It is all of that.

Life Re-Cycling
They say when you die, you review your whole life passing before you. By definition then, anyone who has moved, changed jobs..changed at all, has experienced a death.. and rebirth of sorts. It is a major challenge to sort though all of the "stuff" (physical and emotional) and decide what is to be discarded and what is to be carried forward. Asking oneself if it is time to finally let go and give it up? or time to let go of the fear, and step up?

The Ultimate authority
During periods of confusion, overwhelm, and anxiety I have sought out the help of professionals both traditional and nontraditional. I am blessed to have worked with extraordinary people in facilitating my personal growth and evolution. Regardless of their different gifts, practices and wisdom...all paths lead us back to our own inner wisdom, the ultimate authority on our health and well-being. I look forward to introducing you to some of these special people in the coming year.

Improving The Reception
Living here in the woods our TV and internet reception are slower than in the intense and high frequency city environment. The good news is that this change in frequency is allowing me to tune in more frequently to my channel that had been been drowned out in "life in the big city".
And just like when we are "linked in" to each other on the world wide web...and find we have friends and interests in common, I suspect and hope that my higher self is connected to yours, and we will have lots to share.

Stay Tuned
There is much more to come in the New Year including a completely new AROMAWEAR collection. In the meantime, know that there are only limited quantities of my original sterling silver and gold vermeil collection available for this holiday season. Happy Holidays!


  1. Jessie in PennsylvaniaDecember 5, 2011 at 8:11 AM

    What a wild and crazy ride it has been! Thanks for your kind reminder Cathy, that everything on our journey is ultimately driving us toward ourselves... can't wait to see the new Aromawear line!! And you!! xox

  2. It sounds like a wonderful journey, Cathy. One day I will follow your lead and leave the fast-paced city I live in for a more rural, fragrant piece of productive acreage. I'll remember this blog as I do so.