Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taking Life Off Of "HOLD"

I'll do it later ... when I've________!

You can fill in the blank. If you are anything like me it may be "I'll get together with my friends when I can invite them over; I'll invite them over when I cleaned up my home; I'll clean up my home when I have finished the latest project for work; I'll finish the latest project for work when I have made the calls I volunteered to make. Or maybe it's "I'll buy some new clothes that will make me feel beautiful and confident when I have lost 10 lbs; I'll loose 10 lbs when I go to the gym; I'll go to the gym when I have finished my project for work and cleaned my home...you get the picture.

How much of the important stuff of life do we miss out on while we plow through our "TO DO" lists...most of which is filled with "shoulds" that we have created?

As most of you have noticed, one of mine was "I will write my blog when..." In my case it was when I have finished the PR for my award; when I have selected the materials to repaint my apartment; when the contractors have left; when the boxes are unpacked, when my son gets accepted into college; when he graduates from high school and when he finds a summer job. Ever notice that as soon as you cross off one thing on your list, another thing pops up to take its place? My life is very rich and I am so grateful for it, but the fact is that writing to you is an important part of my life, and I had let it get pushed down to the bottom of the list. Also, blogging as I understand it, is reporting from the field in which the game is being played... not writing a memoir. So, having seen how I created my own barriers to blogging, I have now removed them and am back, and here to stay.

Sometimes it is important to wait "UNTIL"

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