Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crisis Oil

Bet you think I said “oil crisis”. No, I am not talking about the crude oil crisis that affects how we fuel our cars and our homes. I am referring to a refined way to fuel our well-being during a personal crisis using pure botanical essential oils, or “crisis oils”. Defined as a “crucial stage or turning point in the course of something”, a crisis is not always bad, but for sure, it is always stressful. One of the major crisis’s in my life was when my husband (of 20 years so far) proposed to fiercely-independent me. After I said yes, I was a basket case until the ring was on my finger. That was before I knew about essential oils.

Now, when I am “in crisis” depending on the circumstances, I inhale essential oils from one or more of these four categories:

1) Sedative -When I am exhausted and nervous, and can’t seem to calm down or sleep I like these sedative oils:
Chamomile; Sandalwood and Lavender (Lavender is a balancing oil and has many uses)

2) Grounding- When I am feeling really strung out and overwhelmed I will use one of these oils to bring me back to earth and regroup:
Vetiver; Scotch Pine; Frankincense; Cedarwood; Sandalwood and Balsam Fir

3) Uplifting- When my mind is worn out and my spirits dampened I like the restorative and uplifting influence of Geranium and oils form the citrus family
Bergamot; Orange Blossom; Lemon Balm; Petitgrain and Geranium

4) Euphoric- As opposed to needing to be grounded, sometimes I like to get out of my body and mind…and aromatically bliss-out in my heart with these heady oils.
Rose; Ylang Ylang and Jasmine

How do you choose the “right oil” for inhalation?

The right oil is the one that meets your needs AND smells the best to YOU. Fortunately there is an assortment of oils that offer the same or similar benefits, and blends that combine these beneficial oils with aromatic artistry.

What is “right method” for inhalation?

The most effective method is cold diffusion. Heating natural oils reduces the potency of its benefits. If you are at home, a diffuser which uses ultrasonic or air compression technology is effective, as is an aroma fan. If you are on the go, of course I recommend beautiful AROMAWEAR aromatic jewelry and accessories, which are personal (passive air) diffusers for cold oils. You can purchase these at
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Accepting my new-business “Oscar”

Rising Star Award for Cathy Gins on Vimeo.
Here is the video taken by my husband Robb at the Rising Star Awards at The Rainbow Room in NY when I am announced the winner of the Beauty Entrepreneur Award for AROMAWEAR and give my acceptance “speech” (don’t worry, its short). Robb was so excited that his camera hand shakes for the first minute before calming down. I however appear quite calm throughout! No, I did not know I would win...but I did know I would be nervous. What was my secret? I was wearing the essential oil blend “Valor” from Young Living Oils in my Royal Locket Bracelet so it was diffusing around me from the beginning of the event. Also I had a backup supply of calming lavender oil in my Secret Locket which I had just taken a few deep breaths of right before they announced my category. The award is presented by Jane Lauder of Estee Lauder Companies.