Sunday, January 25, 2009

NEW RE-vised format for “Well-Being In Style”

In the spirit of creating something new in 2009, the “Well-being In Style” newsletter will be different in 2009. How? I can’t tell you too much...(not yet time to make my resolution), except that I will say less, and you will have the opportunity to say more. That’s why I am moving to a blog format: so you can post your point of view. I can’t tell you much more about it because I simply don’t know yet. How uncomfortable is that? I admit, the feeling of not knowing is more than awkward for someone who likes to be in control…but that the same time, its totally exciting! So please join in on the adventure, and post your comments below. Or, you can e-mail me at

1 comment:

  1. I love the new format, and the blank canvas pictured above. I'm glad you're not getting rid of the theme graphics - it's always fun and inspiriting (that was a typo but I like it better than "inspiring" so let it be) to be with your creations. Thanks for the links! And now I'm off to change my wick.