Friday, January 18, 2013

Is It Reasonable To Believe In Magic?

So what do I mean by magical?  When I sent out new years greetings a few weeks a go wishing you a "magical" 2013, I was not talking about rituals or casting spells.  Think more magic show... a wonderful phenomena which takes place for which no "reasonable" explanation is evident. We call it magic because have been limited by our own understanding and beliefs.

So many of us give up on our dreams because we don't already know how to make them happen. We lack confidence in our past and faith in our future.  We may be accused of "magical thinking" when we have no business plan to review or evidence that it will work out.  We fear that the unknown will be filled with insurmountable obstacles. But, what if we are wrong? What if things can actually fall into place and  result in tremendous joy and fulfillment?

I recommend this recent post by Author Dr. Joe Vitale entitled The How of Intention . I love that the how-to and to-do lists take a back seat. So does doubt and fear.  Intention, faith and trust  keep the door to possibility and manifestation open...and who knows what may be delivered? Its no longer called  "magic" when we understand how it worked, and sometimes we only understand in hindsight.

In case You missed my card

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Abundance For Free

If you hurry up...there is still time to sign up for the free 21 day meditation series by none other than my ongoing favorite Deepak Chopra! I was fortunate that a friend of mine turned me on to his last series.."Creating Love" which I found to be thought provoking, inspirational and soothing. Each guided meditation is no longer than 15 minutes, so its not so hard to find the time. A new one is e-mailed to you every day and is available for several days after in case you miss a day or two. I ended up buying the series so I could listen to it again, but the first time around is free!
The series that starts tomorrow is called "Creating Abundance" Here is the link to sign up:
Don't miss it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Your Return Ticket From Space-ing-Out

Managing summer space-outs

What do you do if your “to-do” list has become a bookmark in a hot summer novel and you don’t even care?  It’s easy to space out in the summertime...what with the dizzying heat and humid days combined with heady fragrances of blooming flowers; more time spent outdoors as the longer days extend our playtime and vacation days temporarily unhook us from our routines.  If you are like me, you are finding it difficult to do anything you don’t feel like doing.

Dropping Anchor with Vetiver

The other day, I really spaced out of my reasonable self, and needed to get grounded ASAP.  I have been focusing more attention on my spiritual practices that allow me to leave my pre-set station and tune in to some new energy and ideas.  While expansive and enlightening, these experiences are most valuable when I can integrate them into my daily life.  I am finding it challenging, and sometimes, these higher vibrations leave me feeling nervous and ungrounded. Fortunately there is a simple and inexpensive essential oil that when inhaled for 30 seconds can drop your anchor.  I put three drops of vetiver oil into my hand; rubbed my two hands together, and then cupped them over my nose.  In no time at all, I felt the gentle thud of my return landing.  It was like “Beam me up Scotty”...and I was home. (of course in Captain Kirk’s case, he was in space, so UP was home) 

Roots for your Root

Vetiver oil is extracted from the roots of the vetiver plant, a wild growing grass that is often used to prevent soil erosion where land is at risk of being washed away. How appropriate that this root also can reinforce our staying connected to the earth.  It is no coincidence that a root oil is used to support our root chakra...our primal chakra that connects us to all things survival.

Vanity Meets Humanity

 You may have heard of Vetiver perfume lately.  The LA Times recently reported in its article called Green Goddess that it is one of the most popular new ingredients in the fine fragrance market. While it is most likely for the versatile and fresh base note it provides to fragrances, it would not surprise me that the wisdom of the universe has guided the perfumers to help balance our crazy world by distributing this grounding ingredient through the fantasy potions of commercial high style.  How clever!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Linking In To My Higher Self

GPS For The Soul
A lot has changed in the 360 days since my last post, and yet I am more myself than ever.
In the last year, after finally letting go of some comfy old thinking that wasn't realistic anymore, I have made some major changes including moving out of my New York City home of 23 years. Even after several months of planning and preparation I experienced what William Gibson in his wonderful book called Pattern Recognition calls "soul delay" when you travel to a different country in a different time zone...and while you may have physically arrived in a place, it takes a while for your non-physical being to relocate. While I have had only minor success in networking into my local community here in upstate New York, I have had the opportunity to network into the best guide of own higher self.

A Treasure Hunt
Past present and future all crammed into overflowing boxes; old letters and photographs; new catalogues; unfinished prototypes; receipts and bills; heirloom treasures; notebooks of sketches and revelations; homeless paintings, lamps and mirrors; last weeks un-hung clothing...and of course my computer and phone. I regularly ask myself if this is an un-godly mess, a beautiful tapestry of my life, just a beautiful tapestry, or a pile of clues to my hidden true self and her expression? It is all of that.

Life Re-Cycling
They say when you die, you review your whole life passing before you. By definition then, anyone who has moved, changed jobs..changed at all, has experienced a death.. and rebirth of sorts. It is a major challenge to sort though all of the "stuff" (physical and emotional) and decide what is to be discarded and what is to be carried forward. Asking oneself if it is time to finally let go and give it up? or time to let go of the fear, and step up?

The Ultimate authority
During periods of confusion, overwhelm, and anxiety I have sought out the help of professionals both traditional and nontraditional. I am blessed to have worked with extraordinary people in facilitating my personal growth and evolution. Regardless of their different gifts, practices and wisdom...all paths lead us back to our own inner wisdom, the ultimate authority on our health and well-being. I look forward to introducing you to some of these special people in the coming year.

Improving The Reception
Living here in the woods our TV and internet reception are slower than in the intense and high frequency city environment. The good news is that this change in frequency is allowing me to tune in more frequently to my channel that had been been drowned out in "life in the big city".
And just like when we are "linked in" to each other on the world wide web...and find we have friends and interests in common, I suspect and hope that my higher self is connected to yours, and we will have lots to share.

Stay Tuned
There is much more to come in the New Year including a completely new AROMAWEAR collection. In the meantime, know that there are only limited quantities of my original sterling silver and gold vermeil collection available for this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make These SAVORY SCENTERPIECES For Your Holiday Table

I never use scented candles or fragrant flowers on my dinner table. The best meals include flavors that work together and a beverage to compliment each course, so adding a floral or other unrelated fragrance to the table can spoil the magic!
At least 70% of what we perceive as "taste" actually comes from our sense of smell. Our taste buds only can taste bitter, salty, sweet and sour flavors. It is actually the
odor molecules from food that give us most of our flavor. That's why when we have a cold, food tastes pretty bland.
Pungent Christmas lilies with savory gravy? Vanilla candles with garlic mashed potatoes? I recommend either using unscented candles and flowers, or better yet, creating a centerpiece to compliment your meal.

Bunch of dense flowers with little or no scent. I used hydrangeas because they are full and easy to stick herbs in.
Rubber bands
1-3 Fresh Herbs: some suggestions

It is best to make these at the last minute as some of these herbs may wilt.

STEP 1: Using your most flexible stemmed herb, place a generous bunch in a bowl or shallow vase and add water. Cilantro is used here.

If necessary, place a smaller bowl or glass of water in the center to weigh it down.

STEP 2 : Trim flowers and wrap stems with a rubber band forming a tight ball of blossoms

STEP 3: Place flowers in center of long stemmed herbs (directly into bowl or into smaller glass container)

STEP 4: Add sprigs of same or other herbs into the bouquet. It is not necessary for the herbs to reach the water if you do this part
shortly before the meal.

STEP 5: Just before seating your guests, rub some of the leaves in your "Scenterpieces"
to release the
appetizing aromas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

JUST $1 AND 1 MINUTE To Make These Soothing Stocking Stuffers

Gift Wrapped Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Watch the short video below on how to make these lovely gifts
for one dollar in one minute.:

Scented bath salts
wrapped in tissue
string tag (left)
Wrapped in tissue with recycled ribbon

Wrapped in vintage hankerchief with
recycled ribbon



Monday, November 29, 2010

Jewelry that takes good care of YOU


Do you take as good care of yourself as you do good jewelry?
It’s a well known fact that the better care we take of our jewelry, the more beautiful its stays and the longer it lasts. Most of us are pretty diligent about our jewelry. Wouldn’t it be nice to be as cared for as our jewelry: protected from damage, our beauty maintained; be treasured by our owner; and last long enough to be cherished by future generations?

AROMAWEAR returns the benefits with good jewelry that cares back!
Designed to nurture your body, mind and spirit while you wear it, this award winning collection of aromatherapy jewelry will diffuse the life-enhancing essential oil or perfume you desire. Using AROMAWEAR’s trademark wick system, you can personalize your aromatic experience and change aromas on the go to meet your changing needs.

See how AROMAWEAR can nurture you and your “jewels” - the special people in your life. Enjoy these 3 short videos on personalizing your aromatherapy experience:

Adding Aroma For Diffusion from Aromawear LLC on Vimeo.

Scent Sampler and Wick Storage System from Aromawear LLC on Vimeo.

Integrating AROMAWEAR Into Your Fashion Wardrobe from Aromawear LLC on Vimeo. are some natural essential oils you can diffuse in AROMAWEAR jewelry and accessories for your well-being maintenance:

Protecting from damage
Your Body:
germ fighting oils of rosemary, clove, eucalyptus, tea tree
Your Mind:
stress managing oils of lavender; chamomile, orange and frankincense
Your Spirit: mood enhancing oils of ylang ylang; neroli; jasmine and lemon

Keeping clean and radiant
antibacterial oils of eucalyptus; pine; balsam fir and ravensara
Mind: clear thinking oils of bergamot ; basel; frankinscense and rosemary
energizing oils of rosemary; lemongrass; clove and black pepper

Staying Attractive
Attract love and bring joy to the heart with oils of rose; jasmine; ylang ylang and sandalwood

Staying Present
Be present to the beauty here and now with oils of neroli; ylang ylang ; spruce and

Glowing with gratitude
your good fortune with oils of balsam fir, ylang ylang and three biblical oils: frankincense, myrrh, galbanum.

Becoming more precious

As any rare jewel, we become more valuable with age. Treasure your own unique nature and growing wisdom. Unlike most jewelry, you are one-of-a-kind!